Behind The Scene: Wage’s Sweet Shop

Hello again good folks ^^

Last week I posted some photos of Wage’s Sweet Shop. I’m happy to say that the response of that set of photos both here in this blog and outside are great. The whole idea of the photoshoot was already in my head for a long time, but I need to find the photo props  (and buy more Uglydolls) that are perfect to create the scene.

Once I gather all the materials, the project started. It took a whole day to create the scene but it sure was fun ^^.  I also took some photos of the WIP, so I’ll let the pictures do more of the talking :D

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Now let’s talk about airbrush :D

This tutorial is the follow up of the previous tutorial about compressor. Now if you asked me whether or not airbrush is important to build scale model. The answer goes back to you, just how far you want to dive in to this hobby and explore the possibilities. I’ve seen great models painted using a mere cheap spray can, and even some models turns out pretty awesome using a hand brush. So airbrush is not a must, but it certainly could achieve results that no other  could achieve, such as apply shading, spraying mixed colors, writing, etc.

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I’ve just finished on the paint chipping process in my tank. During my work, I’ve been able to make some documentation of the chipping method that I use.

To begin my explanation, we have to understand what chipping is. Chipping is a method to replicate the effect of a chipped paint.

chipped paint on the table

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Tools & Supplies>>Types of Paint

My first tutorial..well, not actually a tutorial, it is more of an explanation about paints. Since it is my first time so I figure out why not writing something simple :D

So, there are basically three types of paint that is usually used in scale modeling. Their differences lies on the base material of the paint. There is the lacquer based, enamel based, and acrylic based paint.

Here’s the example of the bottles

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