In Progress>>USS Enterprise>>Part 3

After a long and very slow progress, I finally have some updates on this massive build.

The color of USS Enterprise is unique. Even though it seems like an all around light gray in the movies or in the box art, when you take a look at the manual, there is this pattern and combination of light and darker gray. This pattern is known as the Aztec Pattern. Usually, a USS Enterprise kit comes with a big decals to create this pattern. Unfortunately, this one I’m building right here, have no decals at all T.T So I have to create the Aztec Pattern in any way possible.

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In Progress>>USS Enterprise>>Part 2

“There will always be different experience each time you build a scale model”, is a sentence I keep repeating when starting off with a new project. After about 9 kits since I begin this hobby (which is still a low number of finished kits T.T), that particular sentence remains true. There will always be different tanks, different gunplas, same kit with a different finishing and the list goes on. For the USS Enterprise that I’m currently working on, not only that it is my first non-mecha sci-fi project which makes it different, but also the fact that it is a restoration project  which needs repair here and there that excites me :D

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In Progress>>USS Enterprise Starship: NCC-1701-D

Hello guys ::D

Since my M4A3 Sherman is already done (except for the photo shoot), I started on a new exciting project. This time it’s gonna be a commission work, and I’m gonna build something that flies way beyond our atmosphere, but we can always see it by just sitting down on our living room with the TV turned on. My next project will be The USS Enterprise Starship NCC-1701-D from Star Trek

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HG GN-X and GN-X A-Laws

Introducing my next project :D A GN-X and GN-X A-Laws type.

Altough I already have Sazabi and the Bergepanzer waiting in line to be painted, I decided to give a go for this almost identical MS. Here’s the reason. The place where I lived now is, well…lets just say it’s not giving a great support for me to paint my kits T.T. So when the kit has entered the painting step, I lost my mood and put the project on halt.

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