Completed>>Tamama Robo

It’s been a long time since there is any updates on my blog….but finally it’s up and running again:D

I’ve completed my Tamama Robo and still there are some mistakes happen in the build, and the worst part is, some mistakes could not be undone –“. But in the end, I’m proud with every kit that I build:). Building Tamama is quite a challenge and it’s been really fun:D


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Completed>>HG 1/144 Gundam G-Saviour ‘Space Mode’

completed in 19-02-2009

I have this kit since 2005. It was given to me by my girlfriend on my birthday. This kit sit long enough in a snap-fitted condition until I decided to pull something serious to it. It was in the year 2008 that I repaint this kit. Using an airbrush and some hobby paint, I start my journey to become a good enough modeler. Lots of error occurred, but I learn a lot too.  I admit that this gift becomes an experiment (which supposedly not to), but it all ends well and I’m pretty much satisfied with the result.