Completed>>1/35 M4A3 Sherman>>”The Longest Winter”

Hello guys :D
The Hobby Heaven workshop has finally completed a diorama which features a 1/35 M4A3 Sherman equipped with a 105mm Howitzer and three winter themed US soldiers.

The Longest Winter

You can always tell the unique environment at the end of winter season. The snow are already melted, the muddy ground, some people already feel warmer, and some tanks are already showing their true colors. If there is one thing that stays the same even after winter waves good bye, it’s that the battle still goes on for the US soldiers in Ardennes.

The Longest Winter diorama captures the moment when it all happens. Exhausted because of a war that seems would never end, spending Christmas far away from home, while still facing bullets from the Nazi. Tanks and human, they were all express the exhaustion. In the end, everyone need to cover each other. For these three soldiers, I believe that they are really glad to have the Tank that wins the World War II on their side.

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Completed>>Sd.Kfz.184 ‘Elefant’

completed on 06-05-2009

This is my first military kit. At first, I try to make it because it seems easy. It turns out that I was wrong. There were so many steps to do before you could really makes a tanks seems real. I love doin’ it though! Because this war machine is really cool.

For the kit itself, It is categorized as a Tank Destroyer Type. You can easily notice this from the non-moveable turret. The ‘Elefant’ belongs to the German during World War II. The German produce only 91 ‘Elefant’.¬† It was famous for its very long range attack, and thick armor that keeps the crew safe. The thick armor, however, causes the increasing weight that reduces the speed. It also becomes hard to pull and towed when it has an engine failure.